Maritime Law Overview

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We Help You Get Full and Fair Compensation

Throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal regions of Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, seamen, dockworkers, and oil & gas industry employees are often exposed to dangerous working conditions. Maritime injuries can occur as the result of diving, explosions, faulty equipment, crane failure, electrocution, vessel collision, line handling accidents, slip and falls, personnel basket transfer incidents, or helicopter crashes.

Our maritime injury lawyers are uniquely qualified to represent maritime workers and their families in serious injury or wrongful death claims resulting from accidents occurring at sea, in coastal areas, or on inland waters.  We are well versed in all manners of maritime law and are ready to provide proven legal advice and representation to those who have suffered injuries offshore.

If you’d like to discuss the details of a maritime injury, please contact us. We represent clients in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and nationwide.