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When you or someone you love suffers a traumatic personal injury, your world changes. Whether it’s due to a car accident or a fall, the ripple effect can be devastating. Between medical bills and lost wages, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You also have to juggle countless insurance and legal documents with jargon you don’t understand.

At Huber Thomas Law, we make it our mission to clearly explain everything you need to know about these types of cases. If you’re searching for a Louisiana personal injury lawyer or Texas personal injury lawyer, we have attorneys in both states who can help. We’re dedicated to providing legal assistance that makes sense. We will walk with you through each critical step until the very end. This is what you can expect when you work with our team.

Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else may be legally responsible for that harm. This can be due to negligence or reckless conduct, whether it’s intentional or not. In general, damages include medical bills as well as pain and suffering.

Here are some of the most common personal injury cases we handle at Huber Thomas Law.

Automobile Accidents

Driving is an essential part of our everyday lives, but accidents happen all over the U.S. every day. Roughly 27% of accidents result in non-fatal injuries, which can be costly. This type of situation may lead to medical expenses, lost income, and the need for rehabilitation. In addition, 72% of accidents lead to property damage, which can result in the need for expensive repairs or even total replacement of a vehicle.

At Huber Thomas Law, we have litigated hundreds of cases arising from car accidents and secured millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. In addition to police reports and accident reconstructions, we examine a variety of factors to determine the causes of a crash. This may include dangerous road conditions, negligence, or even vehicle manufacturer defects.

Even if you were partially at fault during an accident, you may still be eligible for compensation for medical costs and vehicle damage. The only way to know for sure is to talk to a Louisiana personal injury lawyer.

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Lyft and Uber Accidents

While rideshare options have added incredible convenience to our lives, they present new challenges when it comes to the law. Unfortunately, you’ll encounter several competing interests in this type of case.

While drivers are required to carry their own insurance, the companies provide additional insurance to cover claims involving their drivers. However, Lyft, Uber, and other rideshare companies will argue that these drivers are not their employees, but rather contractors. That means they are not liable for their driver’s negligence beyond the available insurance. What’s more, insurance policies determine claim amounts based on what step of the process the driver was in. For example, in the middle of a pick-up vs. actively transporting a rider, the claim amounts may differ.

If you've suffered from a Lyft or Uber accident, you should seek legal representation right away. At Huber Thomas Law, we know these accidents can have life-changing effects on you and your family. Whether you were the driver, rider, or in a vehicle hit by a rideshare driver, we can help.

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Trucking Accidents

Semi-trucks are the largest vehicles on the road. With a weight of 20-30 times more than a car, trucking accidents can be disastrous, if not fatal. There are several different types of injuries that may occur after truck accidents, including, but not limited to:

If a truck driver is responsible for your injury, you have the right to fair compensation so you can heal. This financial support will usually be necessary to cover rehabilitation, lost wages, continued medical care, and any medical equipment your doctor deems necessary.

Whether you are returning home or being admitted to a hospital, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will help you determine your next most important steps.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Without the protection of an enclosed vehicle, the impact of an accident can be catastrophic. Motorcyclists are always at risk, especially because they can easily slip into a car or truck’s blind spot. Whether your family has suffered a death or severe injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Huber Thomas Law, our lawyers work with the best motorcycle crash experts in the nation. Perhaps a driver hit you while changing lanes or made a turn in front of you. Regardless of the cause, we will reconstruct the scene and make sure that an independent and fair investigation ensues. This will help you get the compensation you need to cover long-term costs.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Cyclists and pedestrians are among the most vulnerable people on the road. There are unique threats around every corner, especially in busy cities where drivers don’t make it a priority to share the road. If you’ve been injured due to a negligent, reckless, or malicious driver (or even poorly-maintained streets), you may be entitled to compensation.

Unfortunately, these types of cases aren’t always straightforward. Determining whether the driver is truly at fault requires professionals. At Huber Thomas Law, we often employ investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and three-dimensional modelers to recreate the situation based on forensic evidence. If your case goes to trial, it allows for jurors to see what happened firsthand.

Huber Thomas Law is proud to employ some of the leading bicycle personal injury lawyers in the country. Charlie Thomas is also the Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi delegate for Bike Law, a national group dedicated to advocating for the rights of cyclists.

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Maritime and Boating Injuries

Throughout the coastal regions of Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, seamen, dockworkers, and oil and gas industry employees are often exposed to dangerous working conditions. While every situation is unique, maritime injuries can occur as the result of:

  • Diving
  • Explosions
  • Faulty equipment
  • Crane failure
  • Electrocution
  • Vessel collision
  • Line handling accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Personnel basket transfer incidents
  • Helicopter crashes

At Huber Thomas Law, we employ maritime injury lawyers who are uniquely qualified to represent these workers and their families in serious injury or wrongful death claims.

Hurt during a boating accident on your personal time? We can help you with this type of case as well. We provide legal advice and representation after boating injuries, just as we would after a vehicle accident.

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Slips and Falls

Negligence can lead to serious injuries when it comes to a slip and fall. Business and property owners are responsible for maintaining safe conditions for anyone on their premises. While these lawsuits can be difficult to prove, a thorough investigation can lead to the right evidence to help you win your case.

At Huber Thomas Law, we will do an extensive review of the premises for several reasons. This can help us find issues regarding lack of maintenance or security, as well as issues the property owner knew about and had time to correct. Through experts, such as engineers and architects, we can argue your case the right way.

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Our Approach at Huber Thomas Law

When you choose to work with Huber Thomas Law, you can feel confident knowing that you have one of the best legal teams in Louisiana and Texas on your side. Because we take a collaborative approach to every case, you will benefit from multiple viewpoints and areas of expertise. The lawyer assigned to your case will work closely with other attorneys in our office in order to give you the edge you need.

In reality, 95% of cases settle outside of court. Because it is expensive and time-consuming for both parties, this is the best way to receive a timely settlement. However, we still prepare for every single case as if it's going to trial. This involves extensive research, expert witnesses, and cutting-edge technology to recreate accident conditions.

We believe this approach gives us more knowledge and power at the negotiating table. If the other party knows that your team is willing and ready to take a case to court, they'll be more likely to propose a fair settlement. Plus, if the case does go to court, you're working with an attorney who already has the confidence that is necessary during a trial.

We also provide information on the personal injury statute of limitations in Louisiana.

Our Courtroom Successes

If you’re searching for a Louisiana personal injury attorney, you need a team with proven courtroom success. You should never face your case alone. Whether we’re going up against an insurance company or a major corporation, we take the time to prepare for every case by using expert witnesses.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help, we encourage you to read our extensive list of previous case victories. These include:

At Huber Thomas Law, we’re proud to say that we've helped our clients recover millions of dollars after life-changing injuries or events.

Your Partner When the Unimaginable Happens

We understand the importance of having a team you can trust after a traumatic event. This is why we treat our clients like family. When you work with Huber Thomas Law, your needs come first. Whether you or someone you love is dealing with the aftermath of an accident, a personal injury lawyer can help.

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